Blogrimage: Day 25/30.


Psalm 18:33-35  (comments in parenthesis are mine)

“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; (quick, sure, graceful)
He enables me to stand on the heights.  (success, joy)

He trains my hands for battle; (we wrestle not with flesh and blood…)
My arms can bend a bow of bronze. (strength beyond reason)

You give me your shield of victory, (in all these things we are more than conquerors)
And your right hand sustains me;  (mercy, compassion, nourishment)  

You stoop down to make me great.” (unfathomable Love)



I am moved by this description of relationship with God and the great lengths to which He goes to show His love and affection. When my feet start to slip, or my heart grows weary, He lifts me again to stand on the heights.  He doesn’t give up on me even when I fail again and again, but he continues to train me.  He stooped down and became man, died an awful death – for me.  I am continually amazed at how he is able to transform me.


I did well on my presentation for class tonight.  Even with the stuttering and shaking hands, I think I pulled off an A.  Now to study for tomorrow.

Blogrimage Progress:  School threw me off today.  I did not make any phone calls. 😦   I did however, squeeze in some Pilates.  After 25 days of minor excercise, I am starting to see real improvement in my tone.  That’s fun.  Five blogging days to go.



One thought on “Blogrimage: Day 25/30.

  1. Yes God is far more merciful, beyond our comprehension, enduring and loving us consistently, even in our ignorance and arrogance.

    I have been out of work for 11 months and now things are changing…I am going back to work…and I thank me, me, me, or so those where my first thoughts. How did I do it: great contacts, great relationships, great networking ability….well, yes I did it. God helps those who help them – which is true, God will not bless a slothful person. I mean I deserve it, with all of that great volunteer work I did.

    One of my contacts on LinkedIn is a VERY stronger preacher man. He and I talked a month ago when I was despondent. I wrote him when I got the new job. He was jubilant and reminded me who to thank…thank God. After a couple days of thinking this over…yes there was networking, my talent, my …whatever, but the fact remains that there are FAR more talented and degreed people…who…well…

    The fact is we are to work and prepare the field and GOD brings the rain! There are many times in my life that have been simply inexplicable, purely a miracle of mercy and love.

    Amy, as you plow the field of education and sweat pours from your brow…wait for it…wait for the blessing. It will come again and again over the years, when your talent is great and despair comes anyway over and over, and then wait for it…wait…God will bless you!


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