Guest Blogger: Andrew

I asked my husband, Andrew,  if he wouldn’t mind sharing some of his thoughts for us. You can also find his new blog among my blogroll links – although there are no promises that he will ever blog again.  🙂  Here’s Drew:

Things You Think Of When You Can’t Sleep

April 9, 2010
So i just wanted to throw a thought or two out here.
I’ve been for the most part uncharacteristically happy and carefree lately.  And I for a moment wondered if that was wrong, and I remembered the verse from Revelation, “For Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are created.”

And then I thought of how so often things come in that rob us of childlike simplicity, trust, and joy.  Not that we will these things in that rob us, but that they creep in like weeds in your yard.  Or maybe more like a hard shell over something that shouldn’t be.  Which led me to another verse Paul wrote about casting down strongholds.  What is a stronghold?  I guess a fort or tower but probably made from stones or bricks, and  it is hard. 

Follow me on this train of thought.  We were made for His pleasure, but so often we are not experiencing that Divine pleasure, we’re gritting our teeth waiting for the next pothole.  So how do these strongholds form?  What takes us from trusting children to hollow versions of ourselves frozen in some bad moment in time?

My guess is that there are a couple of things going on.  First, God made us to be dependent on Him.  If we are trying to do life on our own…  trying to prop ourselves up into some unnatural position that we get stuck in, only because we are being bricked in by the circumstances of life.  Second, our pursuit of anything but God will not give us the pleasure we seek. 

I’ve been praying a prayer lately that invites God into my moment, into my challenge.  Instead of not forgiving myself or others, or letting a reaction play out rooted in the long distant past, I’m asking Him into it.  To master it and make it His place of rest.





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