The Magic Dresser

In our house we have a Magic Dresser.  Yes, a magic dresser.  It’s Andrew’s dresser, and it seems to have special powers.  For years, whenever a broken toy causes tears, I say to my children, “Go put it on Dad’s dresser.”   With sullen faces they lay their special plaything on the dresser and walk away.  And then . . .  the next morning, like in the story of the cobbler and his elves, they find their special toy on their own dresser – as good as new.   It amazes them.

It amazes me too.  My husband likes to fix things.  He will tinker, pull-apart, and jerry-rig until whatever object is at least partially working again.  Perhaps it’s because he hates waste.  Perhaps it’s purely for the joy of being able to fix what is broken.  Whatever the reason, it’s fun to watch him work. I don’t think I have the patience to focus on a project for that long – unless it’s something that is required for school, or will result in earning money.  

Sometimes in life, I wish for a magic dresser.  I want God to be a magic dresser for me.  “Just fix it for me God.”  I want him to just make me a better person, take away my bad habits, fight my battles.  I don’t have the patience to do the hard and sometimes slow work myself.  God is not a magic dresser; He is not my genie in a bottle.  I was made for His pleasure, to serve in worship – not the other way around.   He wants to travel with me on this road, and be my master, and yes even save me from ultimate suffering.  Yet He loves me enough to let me experience life’s ups and downs, so that I can enjoy His fullness that much more.  So I can learn to deny myself and follow Him with all my mind.  Truth be told, if He did it all for me, I would be like a lazy kid, lying around expecting Dad to feed me, clothe me, do all my chores and homework . . . and that’s not the kind of relationship I want with Him.

God, thank You for asking more of me than is comfortable.

 ~ Amy


One thought on “The Magic Dresser

  1. Ahh…what could be better than to lie around and have Dad provide all day, every day! It is not hard for Dad’s; we just go outside to the money tree. Even as a child, I remember the most satisfying things were the things I stretched and learned to do myself. How about as an adult when I finished my first 500 page novel: not bad for a dyslexic. I dreamed I would own a sailboat…and so I did, and was satisfied…no one gave it to me.

    God knows we are not perfect, in fact God allows it to be so. I think in the long term God has a plan for us. In the short term, he allows us to make choices in order that we might come to appreciate GOODNESS, GODNESS. Just like the child that puts its toy on the magic dresser, ever day our tired selves give up and lay our burdens down…and we pray. The only difference between your dresser and God’s, is that MOST often God does not fix things overnight. It may take months or years, for God to mold the depth of appreciation for GOODNESS. You see he know precisely how stubborn we are and what nurturing to take to bring us peace.

    I would not worry too much about being perfect: it is NOT possible. If you did 10,000 “good” works in your life and divided it by God’s infinite GOODNESS; yours becomes a zero. Often we judge ourselves and others too harshly. Remember God see Jeffery Dommer and a Gossip the same way; both are sinners, both are slaying people, one kills in a moment and the other to have the person to die day after day. In the midst of all of this, God see hope. And it may be inconceivable to us, but loves both the Gossiper and the Murderer.

    Should we let sin abound? NO! That fact is that sin hurts all of us; the sinner and those near or far from the sin. But let me diverge…if there was no cavernous ache in my belle… there would be no place for laughter resonate loudly. Because it is the pain of life that gives meaning and measure to what is GOOD. And this irony that God has provided brings me much pleasure and great laughter. So……. be GOOD!


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