Day 30/30: The Blogrimage Ends

(Andrew says, “Thank God!”)

It has not been super convenient to carry out this challenge, but I am fairly satisfied with my performance.  At times I was encouraged, frustrated, tired, and happy.  What have I learned?  That sparing a few minutes a day for my body is as important and rewarding as sparing a few minutes a day for my mind and spirit.  

I’m also realizing that even though I started with a long list of people I wanted to call, I really only got through a handful of them.  Because some family members came up frequently in the rotation, and I was just having a hard time finding time to squeeze in the other calls while still maintaining my sanity.   I am left slightly frustrated that after a month there were still people I never called, or people with whom I played phone tag but never connected.  

All in all,  I was happy that I had learned to pick up the phone and actually call out more, but I was left wanting to try for better – I think I’ll have to buy more minutes though; this challenge caused a bit of a problem in that I talked so much that I ran out of minutes.  SO on Sunday I was pretty much out of time.  But I’ve been calling people who I think will be up for conversation in the evening when it’s unlimited . . . anyway, also today I did my usual parking far away, and crunches and stretches.

So I owe a thank you to anyone who followed me on this journey – to those who commented and those who were quiet. I hope I continue to blog – although not every night – it’s a bit much.  But there will be times when a story will spark in my mind, and then I will share it.   I have promised someone to do at least one more blog a couple weeks from now.  But if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, you can click on my subscribe link and whenever I blog, my posts will be sent right to your email inbox . . . or just add me to your Google Reader on your iGoogle homepage (google can pay me for this plug); it’s how I keep track of the blogs I follow.


~ Amy


4 thoughts on “Day 30/30: The Blogrimage Ends

  1. Dear Amy,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog for the last 30 days. It’s definitely not the same as actually talking, but I really liked reading your thoughts. Even if you don’t blog every day, I hope you keep writing and expressing yourself. You have a lot to say…in a good way :]

    Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been REALLY encouraging to me. I always end up reading your comments in between classes or when I’m on campus and completely exhausted- and your words have a way of lifting people up. Hmm…maybe I’ll call YOU this week :]

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