Can you feel it?

I prayed for you last night, and I’m wondering if you can feel it.

Sound asleep in my warm bed, I awoke with a start, and for no apparent reason.  Perhaps the invisible hand of God had shaken me awake.  Regardless, I instantly felt like my Creator wanted me to start praying.  I was wide awake anyway, so I thought, “Why not?”

As I began to pray, your name popped into my head, and stayed there. Your name was being played over and over in my mind with a sense of urgency, and so I thought that perhaps God woke me up not just to pray about anything, but to pray specifically for you.

You probably wouldn’t like that one bit – me praying for you.

You don’t believe God exists.  The name of Jesus is akin to a curse word for you . . . .

I know that you and I haven’t spent time together since we were children.   We haven’t even seen each other face-to-face in about a year, we never have occasion to speak to each other and our paths rarely cross.  You can imagine my surprise then, hearing your name in the middle of the night . . . .

Once upon a time we played together.  I watched you grow.  You have always been so smart.

Last night I wasn’t thinking about old memories though.  I was simply and fervently praying for you.  Praying God’s protection, blessings, and wisdom would come to you… praying that Christ would  reveal himself to you in an undeniable way, and that His Love would overflow your heart.

What is going on in your life, dear one?  Are you battling a storm, all on your own?  There is One who can pull you through.  Did my prayers make their way to heaven and back last night?  Can you feel them already?  Did you feel something new and unnameable when you awoke this morning? Prayers sometimes work that fast . . .  and sometimes they don’t. It may take years, but I’ll continue watching and praying.

My dear one, I poured out my heart in prayer for you last night.  Can you feel it?



2 thoughts on “Can you feel it?

  1. Amy,
    This one is SO beautiful! I LOVE the way you write. I have often wondered these same things for those that I pray for (secretly… shhhh, don’t tell ;)) you write well lady.

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