too much free time

What to do with a semester off school before the Nursing Program begins?  There’s certainly no sense in wasting all this precious alone time doing pointless things like laundry and dusting.  Hmm… I think I’ll teach myself to knit!  It’s one of the many things I keep saying I would like to learn (along with learning to speak Spanish, play the cello, sew my own clothes, and successfully grow food in a garden.)  Well, this is not the time to garden – and I don’t have the cash for a cello, sewing machine or Rosetta Stone Spanish set – so knitting it is!  A friend told me that, when learning to knit, you must first get to the part where you are very frustrated with knitting, and then you will get to the part where you really truly hate knitting with all of your being.  If you can endure that hatred phase and come out with your wits still intact, knitting supposedly gets easier shortly thereafter. We’ll see.

So many blogs have run through my mind over the past few days… and you get this silly bit about knitting.  Lucky you.

I’m off to buy some yarn.