To See His Face

This longing is real. Where to go from here…

Dreams of this heart refuse to be shaken.

The wind is shifting. Our household is alive with pursuit of The Holy One.

As thrilling as it is to be on the edge of this something, it may be a challenging road.

He never said following him would be easy though, did He?

Yes, we are dreaming and longing; I am up for the challenge.

It is striking –  the number of people around us who sense their paths are also on the verge of righteous change…

May our lives never look the same.

For now though, I am in a state of preparation.

It is as if I can feel Jesus gently carving away at my soft heart.

Emmanuel.  God with us.

What are you up to, God?

Whatever it is, it has me excited and nervous – like a young bride on the morning of her wedding.

Thy will be done.



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