Fuddled Projects . . . and a new addition.

The knitting today started well… I successfully casted on the yarn and did an okay job knitting a few rows.  It started getting confusing when I started to add ribbing by knitting 2 stitches and then purling 2 etc.  It still looked okay – even developing a cool wavy pattern from the ribbing.  The whole project went sour though when I attempted to add a stripe of black to this would-be scarf. I didn’t even let myself finish one row of that – it was too awful… I need help! Anyway, I ripped the whole thing apart, and will try again another time.  Here’s my progress photos:

the ribbing is starting to showick ick ick :P

There is some other, even more exciting news to share tonight though…

Q: What do you get when you cross an Australian Shepherd with a Newfoundland? A: A really cute puppy.

Who's your daddy?+ =

Yeah, so we came across this puppy who had been surrendered to a shelter by the owners who probably weren’t expecting this litter.  And since he’s a rescue he’s downright affordable too.  We’ll drive two hours away to pick him up sometime in the next few days. We are all very very excited to add to our family.   We have been wanting a puppy for a long time, but thought we had to wait a couple more years till I finish nursing school.  However, since I have a semester off, this is a good time to house-train a puppy!  Our landlady, who originally said ‘no pets’, fell in love with a dog of her own this past year and was more than happy to allow us to have a puppy at home.  I’m so thankful! Now we just have to choose a name.


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