One Word

Once upon a time (er 15 years ago), in faraway Africa, I met a gal with an amazing spirit.  Her name is Alece, and she had and has an attractiveness that doesn’t come from her outward beauty – although she is a looker for sure.  Her radiance is partly due to her carefree and joyful spirit that is balanced with a serene humility.  People were and are drawn to her – she’s one of those born-to-be-a-leader types.  Alece founded a mission in South Africa and has recently moved back to the USA after many years abroad.  I am not the greatest at following blogs, but from time to time I enjoy checking in on hers.

A recent blog of hers discussed the idea of having a single word to focus on all year-round.  The idea is to ask God for a word, and to then chew on that word all year and grow in it.  I like this idea, so here goes.

I kept asking God yesterday, “What’s my word?”  And I kept wanting to hear something like ‘Dare’, ‘Dream’, or ‘Leap.’  But I kept hearing “Listen.”  Bah! God knows I hate listening.  I have been called a good listener, but it’s truly a selective gift.  So many times I can tune things out, or put up a wall.  So many times I never bother to ask for (or listen to) God’s opinion on a matter.

So here’s to listening. To giving people a chance, even if I think I’m not going to agree with what they have to say.  To listen with compassion, spirit and understanding.  To intentionally waiting in silence to hear from my Lord…

I have a feeling there is so much I’ve been missing with these fingers stuck in my ears.


ps.  all are welcome to join this one-word adventure…

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