Dirty Dishes = Clean Heart

I looked at the pile of dishes on the counter this morning and sighed about the fact that I’m out of dishwasher soap.

“Here goes,”  I thought, and picking up my seldom-used dish scrubber, I began to wash my dishes by hand.

Washing dishes by hand is something I did for the first 9 years of our married life.  For the past couple years though, I’ve been blessed to have one of those fancy automatic dishwashers to scrub all those dirty dishes for me.

Standing there, rinsing mushy cereal off breakfast bowls, I remembered how I used to treasure my time at the sink.  Okay, not always.  Sometimes I was tired or crabby, and washed dishes with a grumbly heart.   But more often, washing dishes was a time when no one bothered me, and I didn’t have anywhere to go – so I could easily focus my mind on God.  I used to wash dishes singing worship, whispering prayers, or daydreaming about His glory.

Today, at my sink, I thanked God that I was out of dishwasher detergent.  I was happy to have my hands wrist-deep in soap suds, happy to have stilled my heart for a moment to reflect on His Love and Grace, and let him wash me clean.

Where in your day do you best connect with God?


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