Many Faces


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It was a lazy Sunday night, and my husband and I were home enjoying a laid-back face-to-face conversation (one of the perks of being TV-free)  when something seemed to make him catch his breath.  As he looked intently into my eyes, my own eyes were drawn hard into his – waiting to hear what he was about to say.  Playfully and with a sweet grin on his face he asked me, “So, which Amy is this?”

Reserved Amy certainly wasn’t there.  Obnoxious Social Time Amy wasn’t there. Drill-Sergeant Housewife Amy, Easygoing Church Amy, and Attempting-to-be-Poignant Bloggy Amy were not there either.  No, it was definitely date-night Amy: the carefree, flowers-in-her-hair, making up songs about every little thing while giving devilish smiles Amy.

As you may or may not have guessed, his quick question was answered with an instant scowl from ‘What’s that supposed to mean?” Amy.  Could I really have that many faces? Don’t I strive to be completely and totally honest and myself in every situation?  It was unnerving for me to think I might be wearing different masks for different areas of my life.

As we sat there discussing why there may seem to be so many . . . um . . . Amy’s, I came to think that I am okay with not knowing why that seems to be the case with me. I don’t feel like I am pretending or putting on a show.  Different situations simply bring out different parts of my personality.

Does that make me fake? Gosh, I really hope not.

What do you think?

Do you ever feel like you have different . . . You’s?


4 thoughts on “Many Faces

  1. I think it’s natural to have different selfs, as long as you are comfortable with each one as an honest part of you (not a put on) then that’s normal. I have my work self – it’s not fake, I just know it’s not professional for me to belch or fart at work! But at home I’m more relaxed and belch and fart as much as I want. 🙂 And I love your writing style. I’m surprised you haven’t hit it big on the internet and gotten a book contract yet. I’d add you to my library.

    • First, thank you for the compliment, Nyama! That means a lot to me coming from you – Ms.Well Read Librarian Nyama. I agree that it’s natural – and probably helpful. It’s okay to be myself and yet also situationally appropriate.

  2. Sometimes when I write something, I search for the right words and it comes out more poetic or possibly more eloquently than when I am just speaking face to face with someone. I enjoy doing that, because I can express my artistic nature in that kind of format. It’s just more facets of who we are. When you are being playful, serious, studious, silly or… they are all you, and make you the complex, interesting and multifaceted person you are.

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