Day Two: Sunshine Makes up for Bad Coffee

I grabbed lunch at a local coney island with my big sis today.  Eating at restaurants suddenly takes more effort than I’m used to.  Do I order a burger without a bun? A quesadilla without the cheese?  Hmm. I opted for a spinach and tomato omellete.  It was tasty – but would have been better with feta.  Just sayin’.  Nevertheless, I found that dousing it with a goodly amount of hot sauce made up for the lack of cheesiness.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous today . . . so much sunshine – that precious light so rarely seen during Michigan winters.  Before lunch, I took my dog for a walk/run/walk/run, and soaked up all those precious rays.  Gotta get my vitamin D somehow, baby!

things that have never been in my house before: soy creamer, veggie cheese, and a pancake imposter.

Speaking of vitamin D . . . I want to touch on the subject of milk.  I am really happy to have discovered that I can enjoy soy milk.  I have tried it many times – and have never cared for it.  But I seem to have developed the taste for it, because it’s now very yummy to me.  Soy milk has 35% of my daily calcium requirement in every 8oz glass – that’s more than cow’s milk.  It also has 30% of my vitamin D (compared with 25%in milk)  and 6% Iron (compared with 0% in milk.) Plus, by switching to soy milk I am lowering my intake of cholesterol and saturated fats. Good things.

So I can eat cereal and dunk Oreo’s (um…. do Oreo’s have wheat in them? this could be bad…) no problem.  My morning coffee however, has had less than happy results.  I am cream lover. Coffee without cream is just not the same on the indulgence level.  Using my soy creamer this morning, I had to pour in twice as much, to get half the effect of my regular half&half.  Not very cost efficient.  And definitely not tasty.   I’m going to hunt down some coconut cream to try out…. I’m thinking that could be good.

How do you drink your coffee?


29 thoughts on “Day Two: Sunshine Makes up for Bad Coffee

  1. Are you gluten intolerant? That’s a rough one. Lots of cookbooks for it at the library since it’s a popular topic the last few years. You can also find websites listed restaurants with gluten free items on the menu. Bad news, soy sauce is often made with wheat so you have assume anything with soy has gluten. Soy is in almost anything processed. Look also for hydrolized protien = soy…

    • I’m not sure if wheat is the culprit… just testing it out. Next week I want to introduce wheat and see if I react… The gluten (another word for vegetable protein) that bothers people is the gluten in wheat, rye and barley… The amino acid sequence in those glutens is different from that of other vegetable proteins. Soy protein (or gluten) isn’t a problem. However, like you said, many soy sauces are made with whey (from wheat) – luckily I found one that is gluten free at meijer 🙂

  2. 1.Try Newman’s cookies.. i think they might be okay.
    2. Vanilla Almond milk. it’s not cream, but tastes good, and i’ve had in coffee multiple times. it also tastes great in a smoothie. ^_^

    • Almond milk is like dessert! 🙂 We used to have that in our house a LOT for my son – who showed major signs of lactose intolerance when he was younger. Now at age 10 , he’s just tired, constipated and crabby from all the milk/cheese he consumes…. I’m trying to convince him to try cutting out dairy too. no luck yet.

    • Mmm… that coconut macadamia drink I had last time was INCREDIBLE… I wonder if they can make it dairy free? That would be awesome.

      ps. people saying they admire me or that I inspire them to eat better make my head spin. I never thought i’d be that girl.

  3. If there is anyway you could steam your soy milk, it should help. Steaming it releases a lot of sucrose in soy milk making it sweeter and creamier. But if you do not have anyway to steam it, you could try warmer it in a pan or the microwave. I am not sure if it will have the same effect, but it would at least keep your coffee hot!

    • Andy: My favorite Starbucks barista… just ignore the caribou comment up there. Warming it makes it better?? Wow. It’s been eight days. I’m getting kinda desperate for a good cup of joe. Although…. I’m just starting to research about phytotoxins in the unfermented soy that is in soy mik and creamers… oh man i should just stop researching… but soy IS really great for you – but only in it’s fermented form: tempeh, miso, Natto – and a little tofu. yikes. now what? I either need to stop eating or stop reading.

      Liz: we have some starbucks competition goin’ on.

  4. If you ever want to take a little drive out to redford, I will make you the best soy latte ever!!! my secret ingredient is love in every drink! and i will probably be able to give it to you for free 🙂 Our soy lattes are very good.

  5. amy I love that you are trying this, and I can’t wait to hear how it works out! I am currently really trying to alter my food intake as well. Incorporating half raw foods into every meal. (It is sooo easy though compared to what you are doing!!) school me on wordpress!! idk, im no mark zuckerberg. all this code overwhelms me, but I really want to do this!

    • Shea Shea! It’s fun to see your name here! I’ve also been eating a lot more fruit and veggies (mostly raw… and mostly because it’s faster than cooking) and one day a week for the past three weeks I’ve eaten only raw fruits and veggies. I’m feeling like a million bucks, girl! Seriously. I need to see you… and we can play around with wordpress… maybe tomorrow? I’ll call you. 😀

  6. I can’t drink coffee without an equal part of creamer and an unhealthy dose of sweatener. I’ve begun to switch to tea, which I drink straight, no problem!?! It’s healthier and can be cheaper in the long run and makes it easier to drink mostly water otherwise, which is incredibley difficult for me. GOLDFISH tea rocks my world!

  7. I have always enjoyed my coffee pretty simple, black with a little bit of sugar to ease out the bitterness.
    Keep up the good work!
    Enjoying reading about your blog, thanks for the comments on mine too 🙂

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