Day Three: No Cheese Please

My husband brought some sushi home for lunch today. I love him!  Even when he doesn’t bring me sushi – but especially when he does.  I think I may just start putting pickled ginger and wasabi on everything I eat.

I certainly won’t be putting cheese on anything I eat anymore.  The benefit to reading a lot about a dairy-free diet is that I no longer have quite the craving for cheese as I used to. I remember it with fondness 😉 but still, knowing what I now know, and feeling as great as I do, I can’t imagine going back.  And I am feeling so much better. Instead of falling down onto the couch at 8:30p and being useless for the rest of the night, I’m finding all sorts of extra energy after 9pm that I didn’t know I had.

Oh, and remember that veggie cheese I bought? As it turns out, pretty much all veggie cheeses contain casein, which is MILK protein – the very thing that causes all the trouble in me.  Why in the world do they add MILK protein to veggie cheese? ya got me.  SO…. no veggie cheese.  No cheese at all. humph.

An excerpt on cheese from that, if nothing else, has almost killed my appetite for cheese:

  • Cheese is made from milk, and milk almost always contains pus. You may comfort yourself by thinking that the pus is pasteurized, and certainly, pasteurization will prevent you from becoming ill, but you’re still eating pus. Look at it like this: you could stick a dog turd in an autoclave and render it biologically harmless with significant pressure and heat. Yet, we’re willing to wager that you’d not be anxious to eat it unless you have some very strange proclivities indeed.
  • Forget about being vegan – most cheeses aren’t even vegetarian. Rennet, a stomach enzyme common to most mammals, is used to make cheese by “digesting” it, leaving behind a solid and a liquid. Rennet is often harvested from the stomachs of cattle in slaughterhouses, and used directly in cheese. Though there is vegetarian rennet synthesized by other means, it is difficult to know which cheeses use vegetarian rennet and which cheeses use the stuff scraped out of the stomachs of slaughtered animals. Yum! Cow stomach excretions obviously go great with pus!
  • Beyond being a disaster for cows, cheese is a disaster for you. A cup of diced cheddar has a whopping 532 calories, 385 of which come from fat. That includes 28 grams of saturated fat, which is 139% of amount recommended for total daily consumption by the United States government. And really, do you think those figures haven’t already been manipulated by decades of dairy and meat industry intervention in the government? To all that fat, you can add 139 milligrams of cholesterol and 820 mg of sodium. For comparison, if you decided to reach for a cup of chopped carrots instead, you’d be taking in fewer than a tenth of the total calories (52 calories for the whole cup) and less than 1 percent of the fat (3 calories versus 385 calories) than if you ate the cheese.

Makes ya hungry, eh?


For my final farewell to cheese:

What’s your favorite cheesy thing to eat?


I’ll start: baked brie wrapped in sweet phyllo . . . with fruit to dip in it.  yeah.


Your turn.


9 thoughts on “Day Three: No Cheese Please

    • Well… it all started when I was thinking of lent… and then I started thinking about my health…. and how crappy I feel all the time. I didn’t give them up for lent because my purpose in this is selfish -not selfless… I just want to feel good. Dairy has always given me red flags – I have always been able to tell when I have dairy that my body reacts poorly to it. Now wheat on the other hand, is just a hunch – a guess… it’s kind of common and I figured it cant hurt to start out eliminating both. PLUS – I knew blogrimage was coming, and it’s way more fun to write about a diet when I have to change virtually everything I am eating…. wow. long answer….

  1. I will be interested to find out how this one goes. I am intending on weaning myself off dairy, in the next month, to see how it affects me. However, being as I am in Paris right now – land of cheeses, I had to stop reading this post 🙂 I’ll be a faithful follower when I return home next week.

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