The Fourth Day

And she made brownies and saw they were good…

Oh yes I did!

I was pleasantly surprised today by King Arthur brand gluten-free (also soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free) brownies.  I was expecting the worst, but they were delicious warm  out of the oven – and they were delicious cool… all around A+

It almost makes up for not having Oreo’s.

Tonight was pizza night in the Ellison household. What’s a gluten/dairy free girl to do?  Last week I tried a pizza by a great local chain called Buddy’s.  Their gluten-free crust was amazing – although not the same as a normal crust.  It was soft and delicate – but good.

My family’s meat pizza next to MY gluten/cheese-free chicken artichoke pizza. Grace is pointing out her vote.

Tonight’s pizza was a disaster. Sorry Cottage Inn – you do not have good gluten-free pizza.  If I have to order a cheese-less pizza, the crust better not taste like cardboard. ick.



I am glowing. 🙂  (not pregnant)  just glowing.  Or so says my husband.  I have noticed my skin looks a lot healthier lately, and my face is not so… puffy (puffy is a weird way to describe a face, but it wasn’t fat – just overall sickly bloated puffiness, and bags under my eyes). I was silently wondering if he also noticed.  He did. I didn’t have to ask.  He just grabbed me and convinced me that he thought I was absolutely glowing with beauty today.  *blush*  …. it’s good for a wife to hear.  Another reason this is all worth it.



4 thoughts on “The Fourth Day

  1. Amy – where did you get the King Arthur brownie mix. Also, do you think that this is helping you to eat less, and what would a typical days menu look like for you? I am interested in trying this.

  2. I got the brownie mix at meijer in the gluten free section 🙂 I think I am probably eating less – definitely less snacking here and there. I also find myself eating more fruits and veggies, because I cant eat my normal things…. You gave me a great idea: I”ll use an upcoming post to feature a log of eveything I eat in one day.

    • Well… as much as I did notice a change in four days… and from the title it would be easy to think this was only my fourth day of the diet… I actually started this new diet a full seven days before the blogrimage – so this would be day 12.

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