missing my pillow (day 5)

I’m tired. This will be short and sweet.

Today was hard. I did not drink ANY coffee today, because I am sick of drinking bad coffee (I will visit you, Andy, for that amazing soy latte…) but for today I just wanted something that didn’t taste like poison – so I drank chai.  my body was punishing me for the lower caffeine level ALL DAY. I might just stay coffee free too.   I cannot believe I’m saying that. I am devoted to coffee. yikes.

Oh yeah – There’s another healthy eating challenge I’ve taken on. I’ve switched from sugar to stevia (plant derived, totally safe) … which must be an acquired taste, because I currently find it quite yucky – especially in my coffee.  But it has zero effect on my blood sugar levels which I’ve been trying to keep in homeostasis. 😉  hmm.

So… no coffee. stayed up late (visiting with wonderful friends made it worth it), woke up early to go to a homeschooling book fair all day, and then went bowling with teenagers tonight. I munched on carrots and almonds all day while I watched others eating pizza.  Pizza was everywhere I tell you.  evil.

For the one hour I was home today I ate diner with my family.  We had sloppy joe’s (mine without a bun – so yea, a pile of beef on a plate)  sweet potato fries, and salads.

Today I did not feel amazing.  I felt pooped.

What I learned today: Diet is not everything. Sleep is priceless.


2 thoughts on “missing my pillow (day 5)

  1. Stevia makes me horribly nauseated. Be careful about taking on too many dietary changes at once. I tend to do that, then get overwhelmed and quit everything I’m changing. Let the first couple of big ones become habit, then work into the new ones. My two cents worth.

    Todd’s two cents – changing too much at once doesn’t allow you to determine what effects they each are having.

  2. I hear you – an appreciate all your cents. 😀
    I really didn’t intend to cut out coffee, but it just doesn’t taste good to me without cream. And cutting out sugar? Maybe it will just be cutting back. Honestly, the thing I used sugar in most was my coffee… and now that’s not an issue.
    Stevia doesn’t seem to have any effect on my stomach… but it’s just is so weird tasting… Todd’s thoughts do make sense… i am considering adding wheat back in at some point as a trial… but i really want to get tested..

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