taco bell and swollen eyes – Day 6

My pillow was good to me, and I felt much better today.  There are so many fun blogrimage’s going on – I need to carve out some alone time to catch up on reading all the posts.  But if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to check out my husband’s blogrimage. It’s deep, man…. deep.

Drew and I just finished watching the movie Bella. It was a great story that thoroughly wrecked me (and maybe him…but I’ll never tell) and now my eyes are red and swollen.  Not that this has anything to with my pilgrimage toward better health…

Day two of no coffee and I’m hanging in there; waking up was a struggle but the rest of the day I felt fine.  Chai has been my companion.

Today’s menu:  I had granola with almond milk for breakfast – and chai.  Lunch was two fresca crunchy tacos from TB with a side of pinto’s and cheese (minus the cheese) … dinner was leftovers  ie. grab whatever you can cuz mom’s not cooking tonight night…  I had a little of everything – including but proabably not limited to hummus and chips… pickled ginger… kalamata olives… eggplant/tofu/mushroom/red peppers etc.-stir fry.. sweet potato fries… more chai and a glass of almond milk – (not all of this at once, but rather over the course of the dinner hour)…  how’s that for a run-on sentence? 😛

I need to hit Trader Joe’s in the morning – I’m running low on groceries.  My family is going crazy drinking almond milk.  They love the stuff… and don’t seem to care that it’s fifty dollars a gallon.

And… my daughter is sick, and likely staying home from school in the morning, which means grocery shopping will be tricky, and I’ll rightly be devoting more time to her and less time to blogs.

Blogging every day and saying something meaningful (or at least semi-interesting) at the end of the day is not as easy as I remembered it to be.  I apologize in advance for any dullness in the remaining days of this blogrimage. 😉

I realize I am sounding slightly grumpy…I promise I am not feeling grumpy.  I blame it on the full moon and swollen eyes.

nighty night!


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