Day Nine…

Journal: I had a tummy-ache last night after eating something that was probably not good for me.  I had eaten mostly fruits and veggies all day (one day a week I like to eat only fruits and veggies, if possible, raw.)  Come nine o’clock I had a hankering so I poured a bowl of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs (a gluten-free cereal I had not yet eaten on this diet) and poured some almond milk over top… and because I have had so little sugar these past few weeks, I decided to splurge and put a tsp. of Hershey’s syrup on it (Which has no milk products listed in the ingredients as far as I can tell.)

Maybe because my stomach was just getting used to only fruits and veggies and the sugary snack was too much… or maybe peanut butter was the culprit (I have had almost no peanut butter since starting this diet, because well… I usually only put peanut butter on bread or bagels) but whatever the cause, 10 minutes after eating the cereal my stomach began to hurt.  It was a dull hurt that lasted for maybe 10 minutes – not like the all-night of cramps I’ve had before. So… I guess to figure this out I should have just plain almond milk with chocolate syrup on it and see what the reaction is.  And then the next night just pb panda puffs… except I’ll have to buy more of those.

k. outta time.

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one…


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