I Shall Not Want (Day 10)


My favorite laptop is currently being used for the more important matters of a handsome self-employed man.  It has only taken me 30 minutes to get our other usually forgotten dinosaur of a laptop up and running. Not to be confused with our older-than-dirt laptop which is shoved under my son’s bed so he can play old Nintendo games.  He doesn’t mind that it’s missing half of the keys. It’s amazing what these last 30 minutes of computer frustration has done to my desire to write…

My desire to write with creativity and flair is seriously lacking these past few days… I can’t blame it all on this creaky laptop. I have to admit I am finding that I enjoy the way these keys feel when I type.  I miss this keyboard and the way the “t” key never fully presses so I have to go back and edit every word with a T in it. Brings back memories.  The keys are nice and solid to the touch, not as flimsy as our newer baby’s.  Do you have a keyboard preference?


I gave up wheat and dairy seven days before the blogrimage, so this is day 17 for my diet.   I am really craving baked goods – it didn’t help that I was surrounded by puddings and breads and brownies last night.  It’s easy to not crave things when I am at home without temptations.

Today I decide to bake gluten-free bread …by Glutino.  It’s a box I picked up at Meijer before the blogrimage began.  I even used coconut milk in the recipe in place of regular milk.  As it baked, it rose so nicely and smelled so good. On a whim, before biting into it I decided to check the label, and wouldn’t you know, there was MILK in it!!!  grrrrr.  I wasn’t checking labels so much before the blogrimage began… I was figuring if it wasn’t a typical dairy product, it wouldn’t be an issue.  whoops.  All my hopes of eating some good bread went out the window.  I hope you wont be mad at me, but I did eat one piece.   I had to taste it!  It was actually pretty good and soft, and reminded me of the tasty gluten-free pizza crust from Buddy’s.  However, I paid for it for the next hour with a tummy-ache. :/

The wheat free bread at the supermarket is as hard as a brick, and heavier than lead. It doesn’t sounds good to me in the slightest.  I tell you what, I am really hoping I am not wheat intolerant – I’m starting to get crabby and it’s getting hard for me to tame my inner whiner.  So… I will hit yet another store in search of some good and soft wheat-free bread.

Breakfast: two eggs over easy. Lunch: refried black beans, chips and salsa. (not the most well-rounded b’fast and lunch, but no worries, I hit the grocery store tonight to fix that.) Dinner: kabobs, lentil soup, pickled veggies, whipped garlic, potatoes.


* I guess I would like to quickly expand on the ‘I shall not want’ title. When I was memorizing that Psalm as a little girl, I thought that line meant that it was wrong of me to want things. As a woman I understand that it’s meaning is rather that I will always have exactly what he knows I need. I am blessed to have a good Shepherd who looks after me. Even though I am working with a restricted diet, I have all these amazing foods to eat, and I am definitely not going hungry. My cup overflows!


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