The Thirteenth Day

Today was such a blur of activity… I’m still feeling good though.  I have noticed that my increased energy level since my diet change has gotten even better since quitting coffee.  I feel pretty sharp mentally throughout the day.  Back in the day, my mind would go into sleep mode pretty much after every meal, or a few hours after a cup of coffee.  I don’t have that fuzzy head feeling anymore (this coming from a girl who was out of bed at 4:20 this morning – I should be tired.)

I’ve decided to hold off for a bit on the apple cider vinegar experiment until I have figured out this wheat and dairy business a little better.  I do want to try it later though.

I’ve found another drawback to having a funny diet: being prepared is a must.  Parties, potlucks or pizza gatherings mean I need to bring my own food or be prepared to go hungry.  And since hungry is not my favorite option – I will have to get used to carrying food with me places.

Today’s menu was crazy.  I didn’t eat especially well today, although I avoided wheat and dairy.

Breakfast: cocoa puffs, almond milk

Lunch: spinach and mushroom omelette. leftover polenta and asparagus.

Snack: roast beef. straight up.

Dinner: salad with nuts.  corn chips. guacamole and salsa.  (the family had pizza)


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