An Inkling of a Problem (day 14)

I have done research today on the varieties of milk replacements.  I am happy with our choice of Almond milk – it tastes so good, and is a rich source of nutrients:

  • vitamin E  (great antioxidant)
  • vitamin B2 (important for healthy metabolism and iron absorption)
  • manganese (for nerve and immune system and blood sugar regulation)
  • magnesium, (helps with uptake of calcium and potassium, prevents tissue calcification, and is beneficial for preventing irritability, depression, and PMS)
  • tryptophan which is used for the production of serotonin
  • copper which is involved with energy production and healing
  • fortified to be a good source of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A
  • rich in protein (especially if you make the milk yourself because of a higher nut to water ratio…. I might do that)
  • healthy mono-unsaturated fats
  • low in carbohydrates

Today I was reminded of when I initially started to question the relationship between my diet and how I felt.   Over the past couple years I began to notice that during the first day of a fast I felt GREAT.   I mentioned to Andrew this great feeling – how alert and energetic I feel – and he was kinda like, “huh?”   Apparently he did not feel especially better on the first day of a fast.  His response made me realize that perhaps my body was having an unusual response to the food I was eating…. and when my body finally got a break it thanked me.  Also it helps me to remember that just because I feel better without wheat and dairy, it doesn’t mean my family needs to give it up too.  (Although I suspect my son has similar food allergy issues as me… but at ten years old, he just doesn’t even want to think about giving up anything.)


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