Wheat Experiment Time! (16)

I’ve been three weeks without eating wheat or dairy, and feeling like it’s about time to experiment by eating wheat for one day.  Last night, I started accidentally.

We made tacos.  I used a crunchy corn shell, and put no cheese on my tacos. It should have been safe.  BUT the taco seasoning packet (taco bell) I used had WHEAT flour as the first ingredient. I really need to check these things before I start cooking! It’s been in my cupboard since before the blogrimage. I have several packets in my cupboard (always be prepared for a taco craving) and the other brand I have (Meijer brand) has no wheat, but it does have milk in it.  COME. ON. PEOPLE!  Well, I ate the wheat-flour laced tacos anyway, since I wasn’t about to cook a second dinner.

So last night began my day of wheat.  I will eat wheat for breakfast and lunch today and let you know what happens.  Last night I had a bad stomach ache all night.  I couldn’t figure it out except that it must have been wheat related. I haven’t had stomach pains like that in a long time… since I was on my old diet… (well there was the time I ate that homemade bread.) I also woke up this morning with a really stuffy nose – I had to blow it twice as much as (my new) normal.

I had been noticing a big difference in my eyes on this diet.  My under-eyes have been less puffy and brighter. Well, this morning, I woke up with seriously (we’re talking crazy serious) puffy under-eyes.  I scared myself in the mirror this morning, and my kids were looking at me funny.  Ice packs and cucumbers don’t seem to be helping much.  Maybe a Benadryl?  Hmm.  I can think of no other reason but the wheat in the tacos.  So if you see me today, with puffy eyes . . . you can feel free to snicker and remind me of this next time I am craving deep dish pizza.

*edited to add update* It’s now 3pm.  The wheat experiment isn’t leaving me with much hope for deep dish pizza any time soon.  After three meals that included wheat, I feel like dirt. I am nauseous, lethargic, and my head is foggy.  So foggy I put the jam in the cupboard this morning, instead of in the fridge.  My eyes are still puffy, though not as bad, and my breathing is tight and wheezy.  Driving in the car today I had the sudden urge to cry for NO REASON. ugh! Oddly though, my stomach is not cramping up like it did after taco’s last night. It has a dull ache for sure, but not sharp like yesterday.  I just want a nap! Ah well… off ot pick up my munchkins from school – and then to church… g’night!


3 thoughts on “Wheat Experiment Time! (16)

    • I know. it’s kind of unbelievable to me. I had to keep double checking with myself that I was really feeling these things – I want to be sure it’s not just a placebo affect! It’s been really good for me to have to document these things – it makes me more aware of every detail. I’ve never heard of Know the Cause…but now I want to check it out. Thanks, Pradeepan! 🙂

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