Hominy Hominy Hominy

cuz it’s fun to say.

17th day of the blogrimage. 24th day of my new diet.

After fighting a headache last night, I am feeling a step better today.  I am paying attention again to how I feel after eating things that have sugar in them.  I had Trader Joe’s wheat-free waffles for breakfast this morning (delicious!) – with a brown-rice based syrup on them, then later I was fighting tiredness and craving more sweets.  So I want to make sure I stick to avoiding sweets for the most part.  Although I have been putting honey in my chai or green tea lately. Honey is more satisfying to me than stevia…

Anyway my bloated belly, puffy eyes and tiredness of the past couple days has made me appreciate how awesome I had been feeling previous to the wheat experiment.  I love how I feel when I am eating tons of fruit and veggies – even though it requires a little more prep and  means I have to go grocery shopping more often… I went shopping again before dinner tonight.

peppers and avocados and mango's, oh my!


breakfast: wheat-free waffles, brown-rice syrup. tea.

lunch: spicy black bean soup. almond milk.

snack: corn chips and hummus. chai.

dinner: Chili Verde – with turkey sausage, hominy, and squash. almond milk.

*edit* 10:30pm – Stomach pain and a headache – Ouch!  Still leftover from yesterdays wheat? Possibly. Undigestable protiens can cause problems for 3-4 days.   If this continues for more than a week, I may eliminate corn too.**


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