Making Connections. A.D.D, Asperger’s, seizures…(day 18)

I am hearing everywhere that a strict six month trial is really best to determine if the diet is working for you or not… so I’m in it for the long haul. I’m hooked. Fascinated. Sold.

Doing more research, I discovered there are tons of people on a Gluten Free Casein Free diet – GFCF diet for short.  (Gluten is the barley/rye/oats/wheat protein. Casein is the milk protein)   Quite a few of these people started the diet as a way to help control their ADD, ADHD symptoms.   I found that interesting because ADD runs in my family, and once upon a time I was suspected of having ADD myself and was on Ritalin.   Anyway,  the parent testimonies I read all raved about how it changed their child, how they could suddenly concentrate better, read and write better, and calm themselves down easier.  I would so be interested in seeing how this would affect my son who has been struggling to be interested at school these past couple years and struggles to control his emotions.

The other group of  people on this diet for reason other than allergy/intolerance are those with mild to moderate Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. There are apparently major improvements for some of these people on a GFCF diet.  This is also interesting to me because we were really researching Asperger’s when Blake was between 3-7 because of some of his behaviors which have become more subtle with time.

Also, Blake occasionally has seizures, and I’ve been reading about people with seizure disorders who drastically reduce their number of seizures by eliminating gluten and dairy. Man!  How do I convince my kid to give up these things?  He also has consistent sinusitis, digestive issues and asthma…

He wont hear of it just yet, but I keep trying to feed him yummy gluten/dairy-free things as a way to encourage him that it’s not so bad.  We have a frozen Amy’s brand gluten/dairy free pizza waiting for this weekend and we tried some delicious coconut milk ice cream today (He liked it, but was sad that he only got a little because its sooo expensive.)  My husband, after seeing some of the stuff i was finding, even said he would consider going gluten/dairy free for six months just to encourage Blake to try it.


2 thoughts on “Making Connections. A.D.D, Asperger’s, seizures…(day 18)

  1. Amy, I a very impressed with your dedication to helping yourself naturally, you can call me any time for food ideas we have been doing this with Dante for several years.

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