coconut-milk shakes! (20)

I think I am going to be the lady who cooks for every occasion she is invited to.  I cannot just hope that there will be some gluten/dairy free foods at places I go… At a bridal shower today I didn’t have many options. One salad was covered in a creamy dressing, the other was tossed with a lot of cheese. Also the Doritos were off-limits, as was the yummy looking chicken/ramen salad and the croissant rolls.  Even the yummy York peppermint patties on the tables had milk in them.  When it was time for cupcakes, I opted for some nearby jelly bellies.

Breakfast: rice krispies, almond milk

Lunch at bridal shower: tons and tons of fruit salad. Some chicken salad scraped off the croissant – the chicken salad looked like it may have dairy in it, but I really wanted to eat more than just fruit – and I know you can make it with just mayo which can be dairy free.  So far I feel okay.

Dinner: coconut chicken, spicy roasted potato wedges, green beans.

Dessert: banana/coconut and almond milk/cocoa powder/stevia shake thing. SO good.  made by my man. 🙂


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