Short and Sweet (24)

Feeling good today. We’re watching Ponyo. Andrew is laughing because the mom reminds him a lot of me.  

Success! I’ve discovered that Trader Joe’s gluten-free bread is really soft and sweet when it is warmed…I actually like it. While I think I am onto something with wheat and dairy, I’m beginning to feel that there is so much more to feeling good – eliminating processed foods and sugar makes me feel so much better.  I’m looking into the possibility of doing a detox/cleanse and then reintroducing raw goat’s milk/cheese. Apparently since goats are slightly more like people (they don’t have five stomachs like a cow) their milk can be more digestible.  Again, just looking into it at this point.

Breakfast: egg over easy, strawberries, banana, gluten-free bread – toasted. chai.

Lunch: leftovers! bunless burger with mushroom onion and tomato. almond milk.

snack: apple.  rooibos chai.

Dinner: stir-fry: chicken, peppers, onion, mushroom, pea pods, broccoli.  Rice noodles.


2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet (24)

  1. 1. I loved Ponyo! I watched ‘My neighbor Totoro’ (another Hayao Miyazaki film) the other day and liked it a lot more though.
    2. lol goats are more like people.
    3. The color scheme of your blog… I love.
    4. Cutting sugars and processed foods. yesss I am beginning my attempt at this as well. I’m sick of feeling so blehh lately.

    • 1. If Bekkah liked ‘My Neighbor Totoro’… i need to see it.
      2. or people are more like goats…especially first thing in the morning.
      3. thanks! it needed some warming up, you know, now that the snow is finally melted.
      4.yes! sick and tired of sick and tired – I hear ya! we can munch carrots together. 🙂

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