Free-Parking (26)

Day 26

There was a serious Monopoly game going on in our house today.  Both my children quit before the four-hour game was over.  In the end though…all that matters… is that I WON!  I didn’t even participate in any unscrupulous trading with a seven-year-old like some other adult in my house may have done. 😛  Let’s just say that no one wants to play the free parking rule anymore after Mom won some serious goods that way… TWICE.

the game. the players. my chai. grace's cocoa/banana/coconut-milk shake


breakfast: one egg, uncured beef bacon, hash browns. almond milk

lunch: tacos and beans. carrots. rooibos chai.

dinner: a bunch of roasted brussels sprouts (I’m going to be eating these all by myself it seems) a bowl full of roasted butternut squash, and a salad with romaine, nuts, dried cranberries and pear.  almond milk.

I’m winding down this 30 day blogrimage soon, but the health quest is just beginning… After this blogrimage, I’m really interested in trying the Maker’s Diet I mentioned a couple of days ago.

nighty night!


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