little of this. little of that.

Blogrimage. Day 28.

Today was unusually full and productive. Gotta like that combo.  I fit in three loads of laundry, walked the dog, volunteering at kids’ school, grocery shopping, making dinner, homework duties, and as soon as I’m done blogging  –  I will cut my husband’s hair.  Not because I want to, or even because I think it needs to be cut ( I am enjoying his hair being longer) but because he wants it cut.  And that’s really all that matters to me. Funny enough, my son, who has been growing out his hair for a while, finally asked me to cut it last night. I think it had something to do with it being 80 degrees.

anyway, even with all that to-do, I have amazing energy and am feeling wonderful.  I cannot tell you how amazed I am by the very real difference these diet changes are having in me.  I caught myself vacuuming the other night at 10pm.  Yeah, that’s weird for most people, but especially for me – a girl who once upon a time resigned herself to the fact that after 8pm she wasn’t good for anything but lying around.

Dinner tonight was southern-style egg salad sandwiches (mine was minus the sandwich part), sweet potato fries, and a romaine salad with carrots, cucumber, broccoli and sunflower seeds.  Dessert was a square of a chocolate bar… 70% cocoa (no milk) yum!

Southern Egg Salad: (I quadrupled this recipe for leftovers)

2 eggs – hardboiled, peeled and chopped

2 Tbsp Hellman’s mayo

1 small shallot, minced

2 tsp sweet relish

1/8 tsp Old Bay Seasoning

sea salt and fresh ground pepper

I have been reading “Little Pilgrim’s Progress” with Grace lately.  I am a girl who has a hard time picking a favorite anything, but I have to say that when I am trying to pick a favorite book, I always come back to Pilgrim’s Progress.   The version we are reading is about a child pilgrim.  Grace is really liking it, and even though it’s a children’s book I am once again finding myself challenged by the characters Christian meets in his pilgrimage…

I am also currently reading about 5 books simultaneously.  I don’t think that allows for maximum absorption.  My goal this week will to pick a book and stick with it – and knock ’em, out one by one.

Reading anything good lately?

(the Vanity Fair chapter of the REAL pilgrim’s progress is one of my favorite’s…)


2 thoughts on “little of this. little of that.

  1. Amy…I have tons of books if you’re ever interested in borrowing some. Check out Liz Curtis Higgs if you haven’t read her before. She’s a Christian author who takes old testament biblical stories (Ruth, Jacob/Leah/Rachel) and re-writes them into scottish history. Absolutely awesome.

    • oh goodness! thank you – but I have too many books on my waiting list already! I can see how that last sentence may look like a referral request… 🙂 i’m more just interested in what is keeping you turning pages today…. i will remember that author though, thank you…

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