School Fundraiser

We realized that the choice to pull my kids out of public school in order to homeschool them next year was not the cheapest choice.   It would cost time and money.  We think it’s worth it though, and we are prepared to tighten our belts and do what it takes to give our kids a knock-out home education experience.   I’m buying as much used curriculum as possible, and hunting for discounts and deals.

At the same time, we realize that even federally funded public schools take advantage of fundraisers to enable them to provide even better books, supplies, activities, assemblies and trips. In the past, I’ve walked the neighborhood with my kids and their fundraiser books – selling overpriced tulip bulbs, candy bars and wrapping papers.

The kids and I will probably do a bake sale or two this summer for sure.  But I came across a fundraiser that might be even better than a brownie sale. (Seriously. Who needs more brownies anyway?)  It’s a facebook-based fundraiser. For $10, a person interested in donating to the kids’ school fund can buy a $25 gift card to one of many local restaurants – and $4 of that will go into our homeschool fund. There are many great local restaurant that participate, like Blue Nile, Dick O Dows, Woody’s, Tom’s Oyster Bar, Via Nove, Melting Pot, and Whistle Stop… to name a few.

So if you’d like to help us out – you can find the page at Your generosity will not go unappreciated!  If you’d rather not get the restaurant card and want to just donate $10 to the school fund via check that’s great too.

Much love to all!



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