Giving Thanks

Once in a while, life comes around and knocks me off my feet, takes the wind out of my sails, or at the very least fogs up my brain so that I cannot even think of writing, until at last I am reminded that perhaps this is precisely when I need to write the most.  When things seem foggy, writing can help me find my footing again.

Today, for my heart’s sake, I will give thanks to my Creator.  For extended daylight and beautiful sunsets.  For Organic Ginger-Pear tea.  For cleansing tears.  For hope that builds upon itself in my bones, like a fire exposed to a rush of oxygen.  For dress-up nights at church, and silly songs.  For a son who finds delight in creating.  For a daughter who is becoming a woman before my very eyes, and yet still loves to cuddle.  For road trips and airplanes. For family; brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers – who will always be there.   For a husband who enjoys curbside shopping and garage sales.  For the Mercy and Grace of my Jesus.

But mostly, I am thankful today for Hope.

Lord, help me to cling to that hope and not give in to despair.  ever.

You are mighty to save.



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