Back to the blog. Or: Our Weekend of Art

It’s been such a busy summer already. But I figure I need to blog sooner rather than later, and make myself write (even though I’m not feeling it) before my creative juices shrivel up forever.  The more often I write, the more I want to write, the more ideas for writing I get.  So it’s been a while, and my ideas are low.

What should I write about? What do you want to hear about?

Hmm.  I could write more about my new way of eating/living.  I could write about homeschooling.  I could write about my spiritual insights and ponderings.  I could ramble on about my daily nonsense…

While I get work on cleaning the rust and cobwebs outta this un-bloggy brain, I’ll leave you with a little snippet of fun.

The Diggers by Van Gogh

We had a weekend full of art.  On Thursday, I watched the french film about the artist Seraphine Louis. On Friday we visited the DIA and the Heidelberg Project.  Today, Grace painted at home and I studied some of my husband’s paintings a bit.  I woke up from my Saturday afternoon nap, in a half daze, dreaming about surprising my husband with dozens of canvases in every size, an easel, paints, and his own art studio.

Van Gogh has got to be one of my favorite artists. A few of his paintings are at the DIA, and I had to take a longer look art one of them that I hadn’t remembered seeing there before. It’s called The Diggers.

The hunched figures looked familiar to me, and I realized they remind me of my husband’s painiting that hangs in my kitchen.  It’s just neat. That’s all.

by Andrew Ellison

My sloppy camera phone may or may not do Andrew’s painting justice, but I’ve included it here just so you can get the idea.

It just makes me smile.

That’s all.

Good night!


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