2011- 2012 Curriculum Choices

I have had so many homeschool things on my brain lately, and I figured I might as well share with anyone who is interested.

Today I designed a Teacher ID card, and printed it. Now to laminate and voila! I can get discounts at book, office supply and craft stores. ūüôā

And in case any of you are wondering what I am leaning towards for next year’s curriculum, here goes:

History curriculum: Mystery of History. volume 1,  bought at discount price.

Geography: Carmen Sandiego Geography Learning system, ages 8-12.

Science: Apologia, Zoology 3.  bought at discount price.

Art: Artistic pursuits. K-3 book one for Grace Рbought for dirt cheap. 4-6 book three for Blake.  We still need to stock up on art supplies too!

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears, 5th grade printing and cursive for Blake, 2nd grade printing for grace.

Bible: Grace – 2nd grade Alpha Omega lifepacs. (bought dirt cheap.) Blake – 6th grade AO lifepacs. (yet to buy)

Math: has taken me forEVER to decide.  I think I have finally firmed up my decision.  Grace will do AO lifepacs for grade 2.  Blake will do three mini-booklets from lifepacs to brush up on a few areas, and then he will do Teaching Textbooks, 6th grade.

Language Arts:  Character Quality Language Arts: Blue Series, levels Pre-A and B. Plus the spelling notebooks. (bought) and teacher guide (yet to buy)

And if I can find it super duper dirt cheap… would love to get the Spanish Rosetta Stone levels 1-5 Homeschool edition.

PLUS journals and regular use of the library to keep my kids reading and writing. ¬†I’ve printed out a list of¬†recommended¬†reading for both of my children.


This is my first year full-on homeschooling (because homeschooling one child for kindergarten was fun, but a relative breeze compared to what we are about to undertake.) ¬†I think it’s all covered, and I have put hours and hours of research, thought and prayer into these decisions. ¬†I need to place my orders for all these things soon so I¬†receive¬†them by September! ¬†Now to make sure I sign up for¬†Enrichment Hub¬†Co-Op classes or¬†activities¬†– so my kids get some time with peers each week.

I am excited! (and a bit nervous… but I’ll save that for another post. I know it will be fine. ¬†I just have to keep telling myself that.)

deep breath.


4 thoughts on “2011- 2012 Curriculum Choices

  1. wait until after the sale to place any orders!! And take your choices lightly. What might work for you, might not work for your kids and IT IS OKAY to change your mind about a book. Just pick something else. They kids will adjust and so will you! You are gonna have a great year.

    • Thanks, Cheryl! Yes, I have been waiting for tomorrow’s used sale.. hoping to find some treasure’s there. About taking my choices lightly: that is not easy for me, but it is something I am learning already. I have fallen in love with different curriculum in theory, only to realize it would be a total disaster with one of my kids. Flexibility is one of the biggest perks in homeschooling, right? I am learning to be flexible… ūüėČ

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