Learning Lessons

You know you’re asking for trouble when you read a really good book on what it means to be a Godly wife and really love your man. Reading all those great points, I find myself so inspired and even letting out an enthusiastic “Amen!” or two.  And then, as if God is granting me an opportunity to actually put into practice these things I am “learning,” he throws a little test my way.

This was my story yesterday.  Okay, I don’t know for sure that it was God throwing the test my way, or if it was just human sin, or even the enemy — but it just felt a bit set-up and harmless . . . totally something I would do if I was God and wanted to help my daughter really learn a lesson.  So last night, when this lesson came my way, did I put into practice these bits of wisdom I had been learning?  Nope.  Were those bits of wisdom nagging at the back of my brain the entire time?  You bet.  It was as if my Father was standing beside me, cheering for me to do the right thing, and like the child I am, I just stomped my feet, put my fingers in my ears while humming, and threw my little tantrum anyway.

Thankfully, I was able to rather quickly pull myself out of it. Thankfully, the moments in my home that have been awesome because of the things I am putting into practice from this book seem to outweigh my moments of immaturity.  Thankfully, my forgiveness has already been paid for.

It’s a new day!

PS. The book I was referring to is Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot. It’s a book that you couldn’t have forced me to read as a new bride; I had my own ideas about what made a marriage good.  But now, nearing 12 years of marriage, I can say that the ideas expressed in this book are pretty spot on for encouraging love, trust, respect and harmony in a marriage.


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