About that last post . . .

After re-reading, I’ve decided that perhaps going totally un-thinking before blogging isn’t the best idea. I will leave that blog up, because it is truly me, and exposes my flawed first attempt at a five-minute un-edited post. However, upon reflection, I feel that at the very least, it would have been better for me to ponder what I would write about before I began typing.   What ended up coming out was a very public outpouring that probably should have remained a private conversation.  There’s authenticity, and then there’s just plain bad judgement . . . I’ve yet to decide which of those categories best fits that last post.

I also  want to write briefly about the matter of divorce, and maybe clarify my stance on it a bit.  This particular case concerning two of my dear friends is disturbing to me because I see it as the completely avoidable choice of one party.  I believe in marriage.  I believe that God made strict laws concerning divorce for our own good – because He knew how much it could wreck our lives, and the lives of those closest to us. But I also understand that for some horrible situations, divorce is not only reasonable, but also healthy.  And I know that if your spouse decides to up and leave one day there’s not much you can do.

that being said:

If there is serious work to be done and counseling to be underwent, then so be it.

But giving up because it’s not fun anymore is beyond lame.

For too many marriages what should be the rare exception has become the easy way out.

And that’s my five-minute explanation of my Five-Minute Friday.


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