To Life!

I have not died.

I will never claim to be a good blogger.  But here I am back at the computer, thinking I am not sure exactly what needs to be written, but feeling that I must write regardless.  And you know, if I would only blog more often, I may not feel the need to explode with pages and pages of words every time I do sit down.  I value my reader’s time, and hope to never waste it.

My first two months of homeschooling are behind me.  I’m glad of the things I’m learning.

Being home with the kids all day every day, being in charge of their instruction, and managing the rest of the household is not easy.  It took me only a week or so of homeschooling to realize that there was no way I could do this in my own strength.

What a gift this time has been! There’s no place in the world I’d rather be that utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit.

I think we’re settling into a rhythm – it doesn’t look like I thought it would … no… it’s definitely more of a random and sometimes slightly wild rhythm.  Right now, I simply cannot care if some days we don’t start school until 11am.  What’s more important is that we learn together in a way that nurtures.  Perhaps someday we will be more structured.  Perhaps not.

Anyway, now that I am emerging from the fog of insanity that was my september and even early october, I am going to attempt to write more often, with the hope that spending time on something that is strictly for my own pleasure will allow me to remember that not only am I a mother, teacher, wife and volunteer…yada yada… but I am a woman – a woman who feels the desire to demonstrate to my kids the  importance of cultivating our strengths.

Right now, Blake is next to me doing his math on the laptop, and Grace is reading on the couch, having finished her assignments for the day (except for science and history which we will do together shortly) and I get to blog.

Until next time I’ll leave you with a happy silly dance number you are probably familiar with.  Eh, maybe it’s best if you forget what I said about never wasting your time…






2 thoughts on “To Life!

  1. Oh Aimes…L’Chaim! This is, by far, my favorite musical!!! I remember when Grandma drove me to the Fisher Theatre in downtown Detroit along with a few classmates on the only field trip I think she ever took me on. I was about 12 years old at the time but I remember it as though it were yesterday. As we watched the large screen full of music and passion, I saw the beautiful gleem in your Grandma’s eyes as she watched on with such joy. She told me that it was her favorite musical as well.
    I also remember Kelly and Kevin being in this musical at Dondero. Kelly was (if my memory serves me) Tzeitel – the eldest daughter and Kevin was a russian dancer. Thank you so much for bringing me down memory lane. I love you so much! Mom

    • Love you too, Mom! Sounds like a good warm fuzzy memory to me. (By the way, I totally didn’t remember that Kevin was in that production. but a Russian dancer part would suit him well.)

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