Snapshots of Our Day

It’s been a good day.

Blake doing Teaching Textbooks Math 6. I caught him in a smile before he saw the camera! 🙂 Notice he has not combed his hair yet. I'm OK with that.

My kids are finally getting used to the fact that staying home doesn’t mean we get to play all day.  I am glad; I have to admit I was getting worried. The first week of homeschool was all fun and games – like we were playing pretend or something.  But the honeymoon ended quickly and we had several days weeks of kids protesting that they had to actually do work in homeschool.  Ha!  But they seem to get it now, and the ensuing peace has been a breath for fresh air for all of us.

A great benefit to homeschooling for my family is the flexibility it has allowed us.  Yeah, I know I need to remember that keeping my kids on a schedule is good for them. However, I also know that our lifestyle made doing public school Monday through Friday from 8-3 difficult sometimes.  For example, Drew and I are involved with the college ministry at our church which meets from 9:00-10:00pm on Wednesday nights. If my kids were in public school, there is no way we could keep our kids up that late on a school night. But since we can let them sleep in the next day… it’s all good!

I’m so glad we’ve made the decision to homeschool; more and more it is becoming apparent how well it is fitting in with our life.  Whereas once we had to schedule our lives around the kids’ public school schedule and events, now we can homeschool around our lives.  It’s wonderful.

I think I’ll share our day with you so you get a picture of our typical crazy homeschool day:

8:30am – Drew and I wake up. (remember we stayed up late at church last night. Kids didnt’ go to bed until 10:30, and Drew in I hit the hay around midnight). Blake wakes up and reads in bed.

9:3o – Grace wakes up and she and Blake have breakfast and play while I tidy up the mess around the house from last night. Drew leaves for work.

Studying vocabulary IN BED! Ah the life!

10:15 – We sit on the couch and discuss some Bible reading (James 2.)

10:30 – Kids decide the order of their morning work. Today they both chose to do math first. Getting it out-of-the-way I think.  Snacks abound! Blake gets to do his math on the laptop.

10:45 – Grace has finished her math super quick today. She’s a master at subtraction it seems. She moves onto her LifePac Bible study and then does her vocabulary. After reviewing her work with me, she finishes by 11:30 and gets free time until lunch. Did I mention she is still in her pajamas?

11:15 – Blake finishes his math and moves onto grammar and vocabulary.

noonish – lunchtime!

12:20 – watch a NOVA movie on tornadoes…and have another snack. I start preparing a pot roast for dinner.

2:00 – Fun time!  We’ve been studying Feliforms. And to learn about territory and the predator/prey relationship and effects of population, we played a game with cougars and deer.  Each cougar needed to eat three deer to survive the year. All surviving animal reproduce once each year. A “cougar” was tossed into a 2′ square containing three square paper deer. We started with one cougar and three deer. Our 7th generation had four cougars eating 25 deer and leaving 68 behind.  Our ninth generation had 16 cougars eating 61 deer, leaving 1 behind. And that was pretty much the end of both species.

2:40 – We do history together.

3:15 – All done! Grace finally gets dressed and cleans her room…. and I get to blog.

So that’s what today looked like.   We had one squabble during the science game, but otherwise it was a peaceful, self-controlled sort of day. Sweetness.

How was YOUR day today?


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