Bullet-Point Style.

Ten things you may or may not know about me….
  • Why does it happen that am I inspired throughout the day by different things and then, the moment I sit down to type, I forget it all? I suppose we’ll just have to continue with my current brain-feed:
  • I have an old family clock on my wall that refuses to run unless it’s ridiculously crooked. It makes me feel like I live in a “Fun House.”

    My camera was straight. The clock really is THAT crooked.

  • My calf muscles are unevenly sore from a line-dance gone wrong at a wedding on Saturday night. I don’t even know the name of the dance or song, but it was a bit country if I recall, and everyone ended up doing all the hopping on the left-leg ONLY… and now… I’m limping. 
  • Getting older means meeting more people, which eventually means missing more people. I miss a lot of people.  If I’ve ever met you, I probably miss you too. Right now.
  • I’m inspired by my friends.  My heart was tempted to be jealous of a friend’s blessings today, but instead, I choose to be inspired that she handles her blessings with such grace.  I’m inspired by friends who get tattoos inspired by the Holy Spirit, and by friends who sew or knit, are pursuing degrees, raise lots of children, stay at home, work outside the home, dream big dreams, adopt, grow gardens, play instruments, and volunteer.  You inspire me, friends.
  • We have been television-free for a whole year now, and I’m still loving it. 
  • I hate pointless yard work. Why rake up all the leaves and put them on the street so some big truck has to come suck them up?  God designed them to fall to the ground and nourish the soil, right? Seriously. I understand the kind of yard-work that produces food for my sustenance, but yard work for vanity’s sake bothers me.  I’m obviously missing something here . . . .
  • Homeschooling is SO different from one day to the next, and it scares me big time.  Thinking about doing it for one year is not a big deal, but when I think about doing this long-term, (if that’s what ends-up happening) I’m totally nervous about being solely responsible for anyone’s education.  This is where prayer comes in and Jesus tells me to be strong and courageous. He is with me.
  • There is a stirring in the world. If you haven’t felt it, maybe it’s time to stop and listen. It’s a stirring in the spiritual realms.  Things are changing. I am excited…  and it all starts with me on my knees – or more accurately with ALL of us getting on our knees… Can you feel it?
  • I’m thankful in a way I cannot express for the way each of my relationships have formed me . . . the way Grace has been extended to me again and again.  I’m so very blessed. 

5 thoughts on “Bullet-Point Style.

  1. I love your blog. I love your mind. Heck, I just love you! There are days that you take the words right out of my mouth (except you put them down on paper). You are brave, courageous, beautiful, and humble. You are an inspiration to us all! Jesus knows you; this I love!

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