A Love So Wild

Image by EvaMcDermott

Your voice, barely a whisper,
Reaching my chest, becomes strong as thunder.
Your beauty shown in
Every turning leaf,
Every wrinkled face,
Every tear that falls from the eyes of a babe.
And it is only shadows of the wonders to come.
Dare I say it?
I’m wild about you, my Lord.
Madly, passionately, even fanatically
In Love.
Who would have guessed
You could turn such mourning into such dancing?
I expect none can understand how I feel about you,
My most precious Love.
You stretch out from your throne
Just to touch my trembling soul.
You paint the clouds in orange
Just to reassure my hope in your goodness.
In the great storm of you
I am swept away from nonsensical cares.
Pushing me into the face of mercy,
You compel me with fierce strength
To let you call me your own
To leave all else behind
To dare to give in
To a Love so wild.

4 thoughts on “A Love So Wild

  1. Amy – this post really touched me. I felt compelled to read it to my mom, who then asked me to send it to her to print. I’d love to share this with my facebook friends – may I? God bless you and this blog. Shine on, Amy!

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