Big Returns

Removing the dryer lint

Cleaning out the french press

Making my bed

Wiping down mirrors

Little things I do again and again.  Oddly, I’ve been taking pleasure in doing them lately.  Who can say why? Small tasks taken care of, set up for the next use.   I have yet to enjoy sweeping or matching socks – but perhaps that will come with time too.

At any rate, these comfortable habits are quick and easy, not requiring too much of me.  Yet they add much order and peace to my household.  Little actions, paying off big. It’s amazing how beds being made (or not) can affect one’s sense of sanity.

So as I scraped lint from the lint trap today, I got to thinking,

What else is relatively quick and easy but reaps big benefits?

Prayer and meditation. Okay, quality meditation is easy, but not necessarily quick.  Although 5 minutes of meditation are better than no minutes, it’s really only enough to whet my appetite.   Now prayer, that can be quick and super easy.  I don’t even always have to stop what I’m doing to pray, which means I can do it while removing that dryer lint.  I could go on for days about how prayer has benefited me. I won’t.

Hugs. They can be quick and easy.  Sometimes a prolonged hug is in order, but even prolonged hugs don’t last too terribly long. Hugs aren’t always easy either, I guess.  A hug after a disagreement takes some effort. A hug with someone who is dirty and smelly could be difficult. In general though, hugs are both quick and easy, and can leave both parties feeling refreshed and loved. There’s a payoff here for all.

Coffee! It’s drinkable comfort.  It’s liquid energy. It tastes like pure satisfaction.  And. It gives me headaches and breakouts. For this reason I want to drink less coffee (and by less, I mean none.)  But still it falls into this category.

Candles.  Talk about quick and easy.  Simply lighting the wick can change the entire atmosphere.  Candles make bad smells disappear, filling the room with warm exotic fragrance.  They make a dreary and gray day feel special and cozy. They also are the old faithful of mood lighting.  When husband and wife want to transform the bedroom into something special – hello candles!

I’m so rambling. But I got in my 15 minutes of practice writing today, so there.

What else falls into this category, friends?  Little effort – big payoff?

Help me out.


4 thoughts on “Big Returns

  1. Morning Amy. I love the way you write. Your blot spot is a blessing..
    I have a “tradition” I started a while back…
    On New Year’s Eve I take one last look at all those unmatched
    socks sitting on top of my dryer and brush them off right into
    the wastebasket!! Ah, a new start – very freeing.
    Love, Aunt Cheryl

  2. You’re writing! It’s good to see your words again, sister. I was reading in Zechariah last week and found this verse, which I adore. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin…” (4:10). I think God, too, delights in our small things. For me, it’s something as simple as doing my laundry or making a healthy meal–small things that, when added up, make up a life.

    • Elizabeth, what a perfect verse!

      “The Lord rejoices” Wow – i needed to hear that, and remember it every time I am tempted to view God as a never satisfied task-master. (Which unfortunately happens from time to time, when I lose sight of His true grace.)

      And thank you for giving me the nudge to write again. 😉

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