Throwing Out the Math Book!

This is the third day in a row of my 15 minutes of writing! It feels good, but I may start doing every other day so I don’t burn out.

Dontcha love my title?  Isn’t it something you dreamed of doing when you were younger? Well, I did. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop teaching my kids math.

Here’s the explanation:

I consider myself a fairly flexible lady. I’m okay with changing plans and rolling with the punches.

It’s a good thing too. Otherwise, this homeschool adventure would be a heck of a lot harder than it is.

I planned so hard going in – which did come in very handy.  But after the research period was over, and it was time for the actual homeschool experiment to begin,  flexibility was instantly recognized as a necessary ingredient.  As was discernment. Maybe I’ll talk about the role of discernment in homeschooling another time.

We’re halfway through the school year and about to trash Blake’s math curriculum. It’s not what I hoped it would be. So we’re being flexible.  It turns our my kids are learning flexibility too; Blake didn’t even bat an eye when I said he was going to start a new math curriculum next month, that he was still likely a year behind in math (basically he has not progressed since September, and in September he was about a year behind.) He didn’t wince when I said that if he doubles up on math and works hard through the summer he can possibly be where he needs to be by October.   No fear.  He was all in. “Let’s do it, Mom.”  Turns out he has felt unimpressed with his math curriculum too.  “I want to actually learn something in math!” he tells me.   So we’ll switch to the curriculum that Grace is doing – which I love. It’s challenging but smartly written and offers lots of online support.

I love all that my kids have learned this year (even if new math skills has not been one of those things yet.)   They have both matured quite a bit this year – and I wouldn’t trade this time I’ve had with them for the world. 



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