Touching on Isaiah, Vineyards and the Hope of Peace

*Photo by Wes Hagen, Vineyard Manager/Winemaker Clos Pepe Vineyards


I’ve been stuck in the book of Isaiah for a while now.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t blast through this book right now.  I’m thankful because I’ve been needing the scriptures to feed my soul so desperately, and through my time in Isaiah,  my God is not holding back the feast.

I want to be like Isaiah. Radical. The dude went around naked for three years to illustrate a prophecy about Egpyt and Ehtopia. That’s borderline crazy, and he’d surely get arrested today for indecent exposure – but even though this guy acted crazy, he was the most brilliantly intune prophet imaginable.  And his heart – tender but righteous . . . I’m thankful for Isaiah.


So this morning I got stuck in a few verses from chapter 27.  Here are a few of my thoughts….

Isaiah 27:2-5

In that day sing to her,    

“ A vineyard of red wine!

Ah – a fruitful vineyard is a delight to it’s keeper.  Such delight causes joyful songs to burst forth! Being compares to a beautiful grape vine makes me smile. Being sung over makes me blush.

I, the LORD, keep it,         

I water it every moment;       

Lest any hurt it,       

I keep it night and day.

I admit, I have to wrestle with disbeleif at the thought that My Keeper feels this much tenderness towards me. But He does. He guards me – night and day. He waters my soul. EVERY. MOMENT.  He does not want anyone to hurt me . . .  Shoot. That’s a lot for a girl to take in.  But its exactly what I needed to read today.

Fury is not in Me. 

This remids me that God is Love – and Love keeps no record of wrongs.  He wants peace and reconcilliation.  His default setting is Grace. 

Who would set briers and thorns       

Against Me in battle?       

I would go through them,       

I would burn them together. 

God is to be feared, respected. Who could even come close to threatening him? None. He has no fear.  But woah to any who dare threaten His fruitful vines; woah to the ones who seek a fight.

Or let him take hold of My strength,         

That he may make peace with Me;       

And he shall make peace with Me.” 

And this is where I sigh in complete admiration and contentment.  If the fighter changes his mind – decides to stop railing against the Lord and to instead join forces, and if he gives up his measley weapons in exchange for the Lord’s strength, the Lord  will allow the fighter to make peace with Him.  A beautiful portrait of God’s mercy.  There is hope. Always.



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