when I am full of fire

Burn, Baby Burn; the mountain's on fire

Sometimes I get all fired up . . . so fired up that my letting loose would possibly be too intense.

I’ve had one of those weeks.

Can’t sleep for all that’s rolling around in my brain.

Can’t have a normal conversation or make small talk because all I want to do is stand on the rooftop and preach to nobody, anybody and everybody.

There is a lot on my heart. But how to say it right?

For this reason, I’ve been quiet these past days.  Okay, quieter than my normal quiet.

I want to be soaked in prayer and a little more sure that God’s behind me all the way before I go stomping forward with fiery words.

Father, guard my tongue so that my words are only yours. Helpful in edification.

Father let loose my tongue when I am tempted to hold back – afraid of the dangerous repercussion.  Truly the Holy Spirit can do marvelous things – but it’s not always roses and sunshine, is it?  Sometimes it’s fire, and fire burns . . . it burns away the bad so the goodness can shine.

Father, lead me.



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