Living Simply. Blogrimage 2012. Day 1

It’s that time of the year again, folks.  Two years ago I did my first blogrimage  of several smaller challenges.   Last year, I started eating gluten and dairy free – which I have continued in.  (SO glad!)

The Blogrimage is an exciting journey!  The idea is to do something, anything, for 30 days, and blog about it (and hopefully make time to comment on the blogs of your fellow Blogrims.) There are many of us diving in this year (you can too!)

My Blogrimage?

My house is about to spend the next month in a serious purge session.

A while back, I was inspired by another blogger.   She wrote that she keeps her house clutter-free by cleaning out one room of her house every month.  That would work especially well for us because I have so few rooms in my house that I can afford to give each closet it’s own month as well.

I was going to make March all about cleaning out just my bedroom – attacking the area under the bed, getting rid of old clothes, finding that which lurks behind my dresser . . . but then this blogrimage challenge came up, and I thought: why take a year to declutter? I can still use the monthly method for maintaining what I accomplish during the blogrimage, but getting the bulk of it done quickly will feel great – like ripping off a band-aid!

Here’s the back story:

Reason #1 for de-clutter:

Two years ago, my family moved from a home in detroit that had a basement and garage to a much smaller house with no basement and no garage.  I liked to think our previous house was pretty cutter free.  Then when we moved we got rid of, threw away, and sold a lot of things (stuff, junk, clutter, etc)  so our new house wouldn’t feel cramped.  However, not long after we moved, my husband started his own business and we decided to homeschool our kids, so our already full house has become a home office and school – bursting at the seams with office supplies, files, and books!

Reason #2 for de-clutter:

I like to feel mobile. Like I can pick up and go at any time – completely unattached to possessions. I want there to be room in my house to stretch out and breathe. A clutter-free house is a peaceful house.  It invites us to rest, and enjoy our surroundings.    The more I can sell, donate, throw away, the less I have to be concerned with.

Today’s target area: the bookshelves.

Last week, an awesome friend donated a big box of homeschool books to me for the purpose of selling to raise money for my upcoming trip to Nicaragua.   Seeing her books made me realize I also have a bunch of homeschool books (and just books in general) that I no longer need. Time to purge!



The Consequence:


Anyone have a storage unit I can use until garage-sale season starts? If this is the mess from just day one… I’m in trouble.



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