Laundry Room Retry

My spell check tells me I shouldn’t use ‘decluttered.’ I should use ‘uncluttered.’ Hmph. I like ‘decluttered.’ Even if it isn’t  a word.

I have a moment.  I don’t know what day we’re on, and I haven’t decluttered anything in the last two days.  Except my brain maybe.  Yes. Lets go with that. My head feels a lot less cluttered today because I’ve been tackling a nagging to-do list with a fierceness this last day and a half.  Sadly, none of those to-dos were Blogrimage related.

Can you believe this weather we are having? I cannot remember a Michigan March ever being this beautiful. It IS technically still winter, and my daughter just ran in from outside (wearing shorts and T-shirt, mind you) to bring me some wild-flowers she picked.  Makes me wish I coud declutter something OUTSIDE.

Ah well.

I will now attempt to re-post the laundry room pictures from the other day.

My tiny little laundry room is also where you will find my tiny little water heater (which can’t heat enough water for one full bathtub – tough stuff for a bubblebath addict) and our furnace and the door to the back yard.

It gets cluttered quickly as people come and go.

Here’s part of the dreaded mess before:

This next picture reveals much about me.

Digging through the back of a shelf, I fished out this tiny 4″ white box and thought: “Junk. Trash.”

BUT.  Just as it was on its way to the trash I saw writing on the side.

My husband knows me too well.

I am usually all too happy to throw something away and be rid of it. If it hasn’t been used in the past year, it’s trash.  I may not be organized, but I’m no hoarder.   Unfortunately, I have thrown away at least a few things in the past that are later missed by members of my family.   Usually though, no one is the wiser, the trash is never reported as missing treasure,  and our house stays neater.

Okee Dokee.  So in a relatively short amount of time I was able to set aside a scarf & hat, a booster seat, and a pair of too-small snowpants for the garage sale pile. And I was able to clear out one drawer of that white storage thingy so we can use it to store the kids’ baseball equipment and other miscellaneous outdoor toys.


And…. here’s the after:

I swear I can hear angels singing in the distance.


… Happy Weekend to you!


4 thoughts on “Laundry Room Retry

  1. I love that you’re doing this! I love that you were honest about being crabby the other day and taking time to do what needs to be done, it’s real, its that common bond that we share in life and makes what you’re doing so much more relatable. I have 7 kids and I’ve grown more and more organized as the years go by and you are doing a great job!!!! God bless

    • haha!

      Thank you, Amy! Being open about my crabiness definitely had me feeling a bit exposed 😉

      It’s encouraging that seven kids made you MORE organized, and not less. I know it can go both ways. I am determined to grow in this area!

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