Day Six (yes?)

Another gorgeous day!


I was sitting on the sofa this afternoon, painting my toenails, and trying to decide what was the smallest area I could declutter so I could spend more time outside…  I am definitely saving my bedroom closet for a day when I have nothing better to do.  Yikes.

I decided I would tackle my hall closet, a couple of shelves at a time. Today I did the bottom two shelves – the game shelves.

Here’s the before:

I found Blake’s missing math homework from last week. I’m sure he’ll be glad to have me check it for him. 🙂

This pile is those things that are NOT staying in the closet. Games we never play, things to sell at a garage sale, things to give back to rightful owners, things that just plain go elsewhere:

And the bottom shelves are officially organized and clutter free:



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