Partying like it’s Day 9!

Knowing my day was going to be packed tight, I made good use of the quiet morning hours when my family was still asleep to organize my crazy kitchen counter. This is the place where all papers seem to land. Coupons, school papers, bills, church stuff…. It’s here.

I HAD a system of keeping it organized. I think my mistake was not teaching everyone else that system. It only works if everyone’s on board. So we reviewed the system today and I’m hoping to not see such a paper pile-up in the future.

The system?  Unopened mail goes in the little cubby above my drawer. The person who opens that mail is responsible for DOING SOMETHING WITH IT.  Pay it, file it, throw it away, answer the rsvp… whatever! BUT if they cannot do something with it at that moment, it should go in either my “to-do” basket (which you see here) or Andrew’s basket which is above his desk – depending on who is better suited to take care of it.



See that drawer above the microwave? That’s MY drawer.

People under the age of 21 are not allowed in that drawer because I got tired of alway asking who had seen my scissors, my measuring tape, my fire starter…. etc.   The kids have recently gotten a little more free about sneaking into this drawer so I may have to be creative about finding a solution to that.

Here’s my drawer before/after:

There was not a whole lot to add to the garage pile today. Most of today’s clutter was either filed or thrown away.

I am going to sell this little blackboard though. I bought it at the beginning of the homeschool year, with the Handwriting without Tears Curriculum,  thinking Grace would want to practice her cursive on it, but she has only wanted to use it once…. Kinda like my bundt pan.  😉

That’s a wrap!

I will be devoting a ton of time to a missions fundraiser dinner for the next five days, so if I’m quieter than usual, please know I’ll come back to life soon!



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