Blogrimage Day 30

The Blogrimage is ending today.  It was a slightly sad Blogrimage for me – my first time not going strong all thirty days.  I had to admit my limitations this year though. I knew going in that this month was going to be crazy. My calendar was packed with happenings that demanded quite a lot of my time and emotional energy. 

Perhaps I should have chosen a less ambitious blogrimage.  Organizing and decluttering takes a lot of tine. I haven’t stopped decluttering, I just haven’t done any big areas that make for great before and after photos.  I helped my son sort through his too-small clothes.  Last week, I organized my dresser.   Yesterday I sorted through a pile of recipes I’ve been saving, and starting transferring them to 3×5 cards to put into my recipe box.  

I’ve listed a thing or two on craigslist this week.  I gave things away this weekend.  I’m planing a garage sale for early May to sell all the excess I’ve found – and will hopefully be able to put the money towards my upcoming mission to Nicaragua (I’m almost halfway to my goal of $2225!)

Yada yada yada.

It will continue. And it will take time.

In the meantime, it was nice to read the blogs of my fellow blogrims. 🙂

Until next time,



Oh – and I would like to say that I must give credit to the blogrimage for pushing the number of views on my blog past the 10,000 mark.  The first day of the blogrimage is always my busiest traffic day of the year – with 165 hits on Day One this year! Now if only I were paid per hit… haha!




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