I’m a bit giddy this morning. I was a bit giddy going to bed last night too.

I have to show you something very adorable:

   Andrew gave my birthday present to me early this year, and her name is Hermella….

For a while now my insides have been screaming at me to mother more children.  However, me getting preggers again is not likely to happen, and we’re also not in a position to adopt (right now.)

So, for the past year I have craved a child to sponsor.  After reseraching differences between World Vision and Compassion International, we decided to go with Compassion.

Last night, Andrew and I welcomed 4-year-old Hermella from Ethiopia into our family. 

I could say her name over and over! It’s the cutest. The name Hermella is described as meaning: “Into the palace. Sacred mountain.”  Wow.

Also, she’s a saint Patty’s Day baby – which warms my Irish heart.

Speaking of hearts…

My heart grew bigger last night as I was flooded with hopes and prayers and dreams for her.

Anyway,  I am beyond thrilled – as any new mother should be  😉

Thanks for letting me share my joy.

That’s all.




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