Packing Trust

Up at 5am for no reason. I’ve unloaded the dishwasher and checked my email….

Time to blog.

This time next week I’ll be heading to Leon, Nicaragua.

I’m getting pretty darn excited.

My things are starting to assemble in a pile that I call my “things to be packed” pile.

I’m starting to take extra long hugs from my kids, and I’ve found myself smelling the tops of their heads with big deep inhales. I am going to miss them.  

It’s pretty amazing to me that this all came together. A few months ago, I was nowhere near my financial goal, and I started to wonder if maybe I wasn’t even supposed to go.  But wow, God blew me away. As always.  Shame on me for questioning if I really ever felt Him nudging me to go.

Last week may have started with a whirlwind of questions and fears, but this week feels more sure.  Sure of God’s Grace and Leading. Just as I had no idea where I would get the $2225 to pay for this trip but God supplied it when I needed it…. I have no idea where I will find the wisdom and stamina during this trip – so when I pack, I will be sure to pack trust in that same God who will supply all I need.

Trusting in an unseen God?  Call me crazy.  But it works for me – every time.

Thank you to those who have prayed for me this week. Your prayers made a world of difference.

By the way . . .

When I come home . . .

After I unwind and unpack my thoughts about the trip . . .

I would really love to start a little blog series on Marriage.   Every so often people will come up to Andrew and I and comment on our marriage, and wonder how we’ve managed to be so happy. . . and, well . . . the only reason we are still together is because we are submitted to a God who is truly good and has helped us learn so much.  But since there’s not ever enough time to give a more full answer, I think my blog is a great place to do that.  And now that I’ve typed all this, I better stick to it, eh?

Until we meet again,






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