A Man Named Christian.

I have some more stories from Nicaragua to share with you.

One of my favorite parts of being a christian is when we get to come together in prayer.   The bonds that are formed through cooperate prayer are so powerful.   I am so thankful that we have each other, brothers and sister in Christ, as supporters and encouragers, to pushing us towards a common goal.

There were two things I was really hoping for on this trip 1) doing some door-to-door ministry, to spend time in prayer with those who need it — and  2)visiting an orphanage.  At first glance upon the trip itinerary, chances were slim that any of that might happen.  Our schedule was packed with school outreach.  But by the second week, some human plans at the schools fell through, and we had time for some neighborhood ministry.  You and I both know it was part of God’s plan all along.  😉

We hadn’t stayed long at the school that morning.  There was time to kill before lunch, so we walked down the dusty road away from the school, turned a corner, and we were in a little neighborhood.  With me were my friends Elizabeth, Megan, Candice, Pastor Greg, and a translator Scarlet. 

The man you see here came out of the first house we approached.  Pastor Greg started a conversation with him. The man’s name was Christian.  He was married and had two children ages seven and one. Yes, he said, he knew who Jesus was. He was raised a Christian. He knew the Bible.  My first thought was, “Great! Praise God – he is already a Christian. Now on to the next house!” 

Pastor Greg, though, kept pressing him with questions.  If he were standing at the gates of heaven, and Jesus asked him why he deserved to come in, what would he say?  Christian began to open up.  He didn’t know what he would say to Jesus, he was just struggling a lot in life right now.  Pastor Greg spoke some words of life to this man on the verge of a new beginning…

Tears flowed from his eyes as Christian told us that he had been laying in his hammock just a few nights ago, ready to just turn his back on everything and give up.  But he felt God speak to him to wait and He would send him and answer to his prayers.  And here we were, all the way from the States to pray with him. God gets so much glory for setting up moments like this!

He repeated a prayer after Pastor Greg to dedicate his life to Christ.  By the end of his beautiful, heart-felt prayer, we were all crying – so thankful to God for answering this man’s prayer!  This man was named Christian – follower of Christ – because that is exactly what God inteded him to be. 

We asked if there anything in his life we could pray with him for. Yes, he said. He had been out of work for a few months, and felt a heavy burden to provide for his young family. (They don’t have unemployment benefits over there.  No job means no food.)   He wanted to get more involved with his local church he said, but first needed to find that job that would provide for his family and allow him time to minister to others.

I shared with him my husband’s story of being out of work. How Andrew lost his job a few years ago – a job selling cars that kept him away from his family and church most of the time. How God inspired him to start his own business and has blessed that business – and now Andrew has much more time for his family and ministry.  I shared how, in the meantime, before his business was making money,  we trusted in God, and He never let us go hungry.  People we didn’t even know, or who didn’t know our situation, brought us food and sent us gifts. 

We prayed for Christian that he would trust in God to be his provider.  That he would find a good job that would allow him more free time.  I’m still praying for Christian and his family.

Anyone could see that Christ had touched Christian’s heart that day. 

I was honored to be there to witness it.

I was again reminded of the power of prayer among believers. This man was ready to give up, but God brought some white folks from 2,000 miles away to answer his prayers.  We came together in unity to believe for a miracle for this man.  The unified body of Christ at work is full of such power and beauty!


2 thoughts on “A Man Named Christian.

  1. What a beautiful story and testamony to God’s divine plan. He arranges people to be where they need to be when they need to be there. We are his hands and feet! What an awesome privilege to serve the GREAT I AM ~ whether we are 2,000 miles from home or 2 steps. Thanks for the REMINDER to always be ready to serve the REDEMEER! i knew God had a purpose for you, Amy Ellison, to make this trip and every testamony you share explains why. Love you girl!

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