Adventures of an Adult

Can you believe it?!

Me neither.

I am sitting in a quiet, empty house!

I’ve ached to write for so long, and I am so thrilled to actually have this time to type away about absolutely nothing … and do it to my heart’s content. 

It hit me recently that since I’ve started homeschooling, and once I start nursing school, and then once I’m working as a nurse, well…there’s not much free time left to blog.  Blogging may be a thing of my past, and hopefully it will be a thing of my future. But for now, it will be sporadic at best.  I’m okay with that and I’m thankful for the seasons of regular blogging in my past.

And now that we all know that I am freed from the expectations to be a regular blogger, I will write.

My life has been a mad whirlwind of activity these past couple weeks with end-of-summer fun and back-to school crazies.  Shopping and cooking, cleaning, packing & unpacking, school meetings, church meetings, and oh yes, swimming in over-my-head 7th grade homeschool goodness.

And oh peace overflows me today- the peace my Maker gives me, when after a crazy week, I find myself driving home alone, with my very favorite Josh Garrels serenading, and I see the setting sun and feel as if I am exactly where He wants me to be.  I feel more of an adult than ever tonight. Not sure why, but I feel every bit of my 31 years, and then some perhaps.  SO much road behind me, and yes, thankfully, and hopefully, so much more to go.

This is my life. my adventure, and I am so very happy with it.

Being an adult tonight meant my heart smiled as I saw the 20-something couple dressed to kill …. Smiled as I appreciated their awesome sense of style and at the same time appreciate the fact that I am okay looking more like I stepped out of a Parenting Magazine than a Vogue magazine.   I am so very okay with not having the latest wardrobe because I know it means that my kids are well-dressed, and well-fed, and we have had great family adventures… I am happy. I am an adult.

Life updates?

My baby is back in public school. Wow. I am happy for her to be back in the social environment she craves so badly. But oh! I miss her so much! We were so blessed last year to have every day together, full of snuggles and laughs. Now I see her a few hours of the day, and I spend the other hours praying for her as she navigates that jungle she is in.

My son is five-days into 7th grade, and we are both already exhausted. This year will be a significant step-up from 6th grade.  A big part of our tiredness comes from figuring things out, I know.  We have yet to completely get into a comfortable rhythm with our new curriculum. Once we do that, as happened last year around Christmas, I am hopeful that things will be more fluid and less draining.  While we get there though, I am making sure we both get plenty of rest, snacks and playtime! 🙂

And me? I’m a bit dizzy from trying to figure out what I want to be doing with myself. Especially in church involvement! Oh I feel for the few people who have had to witness me as I dance in and out of various church volunteer hats.  I felt completely lost in this area – all summer – but I’ve finally found a good little corner I think I will call my own.  A hat I feel very comfortable wearing.  

Also, I am in desperate need to make time to study my anatomy/physiology textbooks. I hope to apply for nursing school again in December, and I have already forgotten so much… maybe even everything!  ugh.

That concludes my life-update for tonight. 

I’ll end by saying that I am so grateful.  Grateful to be loved by my Beautiful, Fierce Savior.  Grateful for the heart-warming comfort of my duvet that finds its way onto my bed every September.  Grateful for the Thermos that keeps Grace’s yummy hot sandwiches hot…. and friends who share creative lunch ideas in a school where peanut-butter is not welcome.  I’m grateful for my sister and Buffalo Wild Wings.  Grateful for celebrating my almost 12-yr-old and grateful for how he is maturing so beautifully.  Grateful for silly photo shoots with my baby girl. Grateful for this precious little woman who makes me laugh untill the tears are freely flowing and I can barely breathe.

So. Grateful.

[Jesus, may I ever be grateful. ]

[You are more than I could ever ask for, My Lord, My Redeemer. ]

[Thank You for showing me what True Love is.]




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